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"The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled"


Fire Mountain Games

FMG is an Oregon-based roleplaying game publisher that could not be any smaller. Run by two dedicated gaming geeks, Fire Mountain Games is what happens when you want to run away and join the circus but are terminally afraid of clowns. Only too late did we discover that the RPG industry is also full of clowns.

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Gary McBride

Gary McBride attended his first gaming con in 1984 as a wide-eyed lad of twelve. The experience … affected him and since he has walked the way of the geek. In 1999, he received his first professional writing credit and has since gone on to work on Warhammer Fantasy, Earthdawn and other more obscure RPG entities. Now, he is the owner, lead designer, accountant and janitor for Fire Mountain Games. When not shackled to a computer, Gary listens to too-loud music, sips single malt scotch and travels as much as he can. And even though now husband to an astonishingly patient gamer-doctor and father to a five year old self-rescuing princess, he remains that wide-eyed lad boldly assaulting a monster haunted keep on some distant, dreamscape borderland.