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Way of the Wicked

Knot of Thorns

Book One: Knot of Thorns

Call Forth Darkness Cover

Book Two: Call Forth Darkness

Tears of the Blessed

Book Three: Tears of the Blessed

Of Dragons and Princesses

Book Four: Of Dragons and Princesses

The Devil My Only Master

Book Five: The Devil My Only Master

The Wages of Sin

Book Six: The Wages of Sin

Tales of Talingarde

Book Seven: Tales of Talingarde

"Way of the Wicked" is a 7-book adventure path for evil PCs featuring 20 levels of irredeemable villainy compatible with The Pathfinder RPG. How many times have you saved the world? This time the world needs saving from you.

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Way of the Wicked

Dark Frontier

Book 1: Dark Frontier

Dark Frontier

Book 2: The Earth's Wound

"Throne of Night" is our second adventure path, a subterranean sandbox compatible with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. Spanning six 100-page full-color books and character levels 1-20, it offers a vast and strange underground realm for your characters to explore and conquer.

You can play as a party of noble dwarves working to reclaim a long lost kingdom. You can play as a house of wicked drow enslaving all they survey to build an empire of darkness. You can even play as a group of adventurers come from above to seek their fortune in the alien underworld. The choice is yours!

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Books One and Two are are available now at paizo.com and DriveThruRPG

Ogre Nightfall

Ogre: Nightfall is our upcoming limited edition product consisting of two exclusive counter sheets compatible with Steve Jackson Games' Ogre Designer's Edition and a 16-page booklet of new scenarios that form a linked campaign to determine the fate of the world. Play a desperate humanity trying to stop the Ogre uprising or the cruel unstoppable rogue Ogres themselves.

See our Ogre: Nightfall page (or click the image above) for more information.

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