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Conquer the Darkness

Throne of Night Cavernscape

The drow call this place Azathyr – the web – the vast network of tunnels that span the sunless world. The dwarves once named this realm Dammerhall, the most hallowed of all their kingdoms, where they first discovered the secrets of mithral. The peoples of the surface simply call it the Dark and they have good reason to fear it for here monsters dwell in rare abundance.

Why have you travelled into the Dark? Are you a scion of a minor drow noble house hungry for power and position? Are you an heir of the dwarven lords seeking to reclaim lost glories? Are you some adventurer from countless other races and creeds, come to claim dominion by your own hand?

Throne of Night Drow

Whatever has drawn you into the Dark, you will not find it easy to tame. There is no terrain upon this world more dangerous, more deceptive and more dense with secrets. Here in the depths of the earth you will prove your mettle or you will die.

And if you can carve out your own kingdom, what then? Do you have what it takes to keep hold of your fledgling empire? Are you clever and capable enough to withstand the machinations of the myriad challengers below? Will you die unmourned in darkness or will you claim for yourself a Throne of Night?

“Throne of Night” is the new epic adventure path by Fire Mountain Games, publisher of the critically acclaimed and ENnie nominated “Way of the Wicked”. With “Throne of Night” you will have a Pathfinder compatible campaign (level 1-20) that lets you conquer an underground empire. Though designed to support both villainous and virtuous characters of any class and race, it will focus upon two perspectives – wicked as personified by the drow and heroic as personified by the dwarves.

ThroneOfNight Dwarven Explorer

“Throne of Night” will be a subterranean sandbox (complete with three dimensional hex map) wedded to a powerful and dynamic tale of war and conquest in the deep places of the world. Raid the surface for slaves and treasure to trade in the bazaars of a decadent dark elven city. Defend the deep gnomes from ruthless slavers earning their allegiance. Sail sunless seas and explore hidden caverns never seen by mortal eyes. All of this and more will be yours in a “Throne of Night”.

Throne of Night Book One: Dark Frontier will be released in early 2013.