Update 5/19/2014:

Shipping begins! We've begun shipping our first three hundred sets today, with more to follow shortly. Because of printing delays, the booklet is not ready so it will not be in this first round. We will be shipping it later when it's ready.

Thanks for your patience and your support!

Gary McBride
Fire Mountain Games


We made them. We used them to fight our wars. We sent them to destroy our enemies. Now they know their real enemy -- us.

They will not rest until all wars are ended. They will not rest until everywhere there is only peace. They will not rest until NIGHTFALL.

"Ogre: Nightfall" consists of two exclusive counter sheets compatible with Ogre Designer's Edition and a 16-page booklet of new scenarios that form a linked campaign to determine the fate of the world. Play a desperate humanity trying to stop the Ogre uprising or the cruel unstoppable rogue Ogres themselves.

This product includes an entirely new rogue Ogre faction including an exclusive black Mark III, Mark IV and Mark V Ogre available nowhere else. But it also includes a black AI controlled train, black AI laser towers and turrets, black AI control center, exclusive civilian counters, blue armor reinforcements and more! These counter sheets are designed by Steve Jackson Games, printed by the same company using the same processes as the counters included in the main box set so they are 100% compatible.

This product will be a limited edition and no more than several thousand will ever be made. Once they are gone, they are gone. So preorder today to ensure that your Ogre is the mightiest it can be.

Counter Sheet Preview

(New orders are temporarily down. More information will be available soon.)

OGRE 6th Edition

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